What makes us better? If you use real-world scenarios to evaluate the cost of online data backup services, you will find that One2backup™ almost always comes out on top.

Beware of hidden price plan complexities when shopping for online data backup services. Not all plans are what they appear to be. A price plan may seem like a good deal initially, but storage commitments and minimum per PC charges add up fast. Make sure you account for all of the charges.



backup software can run on numerous PC's
Unlimited PCs
  • No additional charge per PC
  • Backup as many PCs as you need
  • Storage cost is shared among all your PC's
  • You only pay for the storage you use
online backup has unlimited storage
Unlimited storage
  • Storage cost from R4/GB per month
  • Start small and let your usage grow naturally over time
  • Storage cost is shared among all your PC's
  • You are only billed for the storage you use
non-stop backups
Non-stop backups
  • Backups never halt because you've exceeded your storage level
  • A backup that halts is a broken backup
  • You simply pay for what you use
  • If you accidentally add a large folder or file (10GB) which you do not want to back up, be aware that if you are on an uncapped internet connection or 3G it will back up the file and you may be in for a large bandwidth bill.

Most Other Guys


other backup softwares need a plan for every PC
Every PC means a new plan
  • Each PC means a new plan and a new storage commitment
  • What seemed like a good deal gets expensive really fast
other online backups require more effort and planning
Commitment and planning required
  • Try to anticipate the maximum storage you will ever need for each PC up front
  • Then pay for that much storage whether you use it or not
  • Manage storage commitments as usage increases and backups fail
other data backups can stop working
Backups stop until you buy more storage
  • Exceeding your storage limit causes the backups stop working
  • You have to contact your service provider and upgrade your plan
  • You may even need to download new software and reinstall the service

The Key Benefits To Using A Local Backup Provider


When choosing a cloud backup solution to protect your critical data, it is important to make an informed comparison between local online backup services and international online backup services. There are many advantages of doing your online backup in South Africa, as it is easy to manage and control, as well as much safer from a legal point of view.

With a local online backup server, you will be able to fully understand the system, knowing where your important business data and client files are backed up. A cloud storage solution in South Africa will save you costs, increase the speed of data transfer for each backup and ensure maximum efficiency during data recovery.

If you opt for a foreign cloud backup solution, your data could be stored on servers in a country whose laws and methods are completely out of sync with expected standards and norms. You will have to expect more complex complaint mechanisms, paying for legal and additional services in currencies such as dollars or pounds. With an anonymous cloud storage provider, it can be more difficult to speak to a customer service agent in your time zone to get a response quickly.

One2Backup's automatic online backup software counts with a fully staffed call centre, operating at South African business hours, providing local support whenever you need it.

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