ampip engineering backup software testimonial

"Hi Delia, just a short note to thank you for the service provided in restoring all my information lost due to theft of my laptop recently. Prior to getting One2backup backing up our 13 company computers we had lost years of data that were irreplaceable due to a break in on at our company a year ago.

Since inception of the system we have restored 2 PC's without any loss of data. The system has given us peace of mind as we are now able to restore all our information in a very short space of time.

Once again thank you"

Max de Robillard
Ampip Engineering

east coast radio online backup testimonial

"As an Executive Financial Director, I need to ensure that our data is stored securely, and that my backup runs all the time without any errors. East Coast Radio trusts One2backup with our most vital company data.

We know our information is completely secure."

Vinay Narsi
East Coast Radio

fortified foods data backup testimonial

Fortified Foods Production & Development (PTY) LTD had a flood from a burst pipeline outside their premises in February 2008. Their entire factory and offices were flooded destroying 14 computers along with all their recipes and data which took the company over 15 years to produce.

The Owner of the business had this to say "Thanks to One2backup all our recipes were restored within a few minutes of our new PC's arriving. Without this backup no further manufacturing could have taken place and we would have had no option but to close our doors!"

Roy J Meaker
Fortified Foods Production (PTY) LTD

quattro computer backup testimonial

"My two year old hard disk crashed and everything was lost. I got a new hard disk that same morning and after installing the operating system and getting connected to the Internet, it was a matter of minutes before I had all my data back, including all the current email that I was working on when the hard disk failed."

B Lazerus
Financial Advisor
Quattro Finance Group

downing plumbers backup software testimonial

"I just want to again express my sincere appreciation for all your help yesterday.

Losing 2 years of work on my Accounting Program was just a terrible feeling, but the relief of knowing my information is securely backed up with your company!

Thank you for helping me online and retrieving the corrupted files, it was just amazing, and spending so much of your time even after-hours."

Sarie Smith
Downing Plumbers - Pretoria

damtol online backup testimonial

"In the month of May 2011, my laptop was stolen from the boot of my car. I was quite devastated, not because my laptop was stolen, but because I had an email archive of over 5 years with very vital information. Luckily, as I had signed up with One2backup about a year before this incident, my nightmare was short-lived. As soon as I had a new laptop configured, and with me not being a "techie guru", One2backup was kind enough to arrange for one of the company's technician to remotely connect to my laptop and my email folders were all restored.

Now, as soon as I put my laptop on, the first thing I check is to make sure that the One2backup icon is green which tells me that my folders are being backed up!

Thanks One2backup. The prompt responses to my queries are also very much appreciated."

Tosin Oyekanmi
Damtol Group Pretoria