• Folder
    Continuous Backup

    As you make changes to your files, we spot it and save it instantly and automatically. This means no delays, and no heavy data backup periods slowing your computer down. We will save your working files continuously through our real-time live file backup process.

  • Per GB
    Per Gb or Per Package Pricing Plans

    From just R3.90 per GB. No hidden fees, no license fees. Back up as many computers as you like under the same, low monthly price. See prices here

  • Open Files
    Open Files Driver

    Most Data backups don't protect open files. One2backup offers PSTbackup. Perfect for files left open for long periods of time such as Outlook PST files.

  • Sharing

    Send someone a special password allowing them access to just the data backup files you want them to have. And imagine the convenience of sending a link to access large files - photos, for example - rather than jamming someone's inbox.

  • Suspend and resume Data Backups
    Suspend and Resume Data Backups

    The data backup software suspends when you're typing, resumes when you're not - so you're never slowed down.

  • Anywhere Access
    Anywhere Access

    Wherever there's an internet connection, you're a click away from any of your online data backup. Just think of the convenience.

  • Secure Bank Grade Encryption
    Secure Bank Grade Encryption

    This is the strongest encryption available. It has never been cracked. So you can rest easy that your valuable data storage is safe.

  • Fast Recovery
    Fast Recovery

    We assume you need that file or folder back instantly. With our smart features, you're just a few short clicks away from recovering it from our online data backup software. And our online Web Carts make the entire process even faster by allowing you to collect multiple files, folders and/or systems into a single 'cart' for easy downloading.

  • File Versioning
    File Versioning

    We keep multiple versions of every saved file, so you can restore older or deleted versions of your files.

  • Easy to Use

    No tasks for you to remember, such as uploading changes or initiating the data backup. It truly is a 'set it and forget it' no-brainer.

  • Local Server
    Local Server

    Local online backup is easier to manage and control as you get support from our team. It's also much safer from a legal point of view than relying on a foreign cloud backup company. Using South African based servers will save you costs and increase the speed of data transfer for each backup.