It's easy to get started with One2backup™ online data backup.
Anyone can install and use our software. It's very easy. No special skills are required.

Easy 3 step process

setting up backup software on a laptop

Step 1

Sign-up online for the data backup software. You can be up and running in minutes. Just fill out our online registration form.

configuring backup software and selecting files on a computer

Step 2

Download and install the data backup software. One2backup™ will automatically detect popular data locations, places like My Documents and your Outlook Email.

backup software runs whilst you work

Step 3

There is no step 3. Data backups will happen automatically whenever your computer is idle. No kidding. It's really that simple.

What Happens Next?

online backup software runs automatically

Once the data backup software is installed, One2backup™ will automatically select some popular folders including: Windows Desktop; Windows Favorites; My Documents; Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. If you have data in other folders, you can easily add them to the folder list in the backup client.

Whenever you're online, One2backup™ will run an automatic data backup to our online data backup software. There are no procedures to follow. No Schedules to set. You can never miss a backup window.

Throughout the day One2backup™ watches your files, looking for changes. When a change is detected, our backup software engine extracts the changes, compresses them, encrypts them, and securely transfers them to our secure online data centre.

Once at the online data centre, your cloud storage is stored in this encrypted form. We use the strongest encryption available to ensure that your confidential data is kept safe and secure. Even our administrators do not have the ability to access your cloud storage. Your privacy is important. Your data can only be accessed by you.